Cares Act Grant

Dear students,

ASM is happy to announce that we are participating in the Cares Act grant program for institutions of higher learning. At this time ASM has signed and returned to the Department of Education, a Certification and Agreement to assure the Department of Education that funds will be used in accordance with the requirements in the grant.

As of 2/08/2021, ASM has been granted a total of $26,021

As of 2/8/2021, $26,021 has been distributed to students.

In total, 16 students qualified for funds and 14 have received funds. Funds were distributed evenly to students based on their level of completion of the program.

Students were initially given a need form to state whether or not they incurred additional expenses due to Covid-19. Upon receiving the student’s statement, they were sent a letter detailing how funds would be disbursed.

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