"As I travel throughout the world, I realize the quality of basic massage training varies greatly. There are so many schools out there and a massive number of therapists are graduating without adequate training to address the needs of their clients.

I believe the Augusta School of Massage is one of the best schools in the country to prepare massage therapists to address clients with chronic pain and sports injuries. As our industry continues to evolve into the advanced areas such as medical massage, this foundation of training will set you apart from the majority of other massage training programs and guarantee that you will have the skills sought out by medical practitioners worldwide.

It is time that massage schools start including advanced modalities such as orthopedic massage, neuromuscular therapy, and medical massage training in the fundamental programs to better meet the growing needs of our clients in pain."

James Waslaski - Orthomassage.net
Author and International Lecturer - Chronic Pain & Sports Injuries

"Professional staff, flexible hours, and financial assistance made ASM my #1 choice for massage schools. Becoming a massage therapist has been a great experience. As a male in the industry, I would recommend it for anyone. You can make it what you want, anything from a career to extra spending cash."

Brennan Russell, NCTMB South Carolina

"I am a former student of ASM and I have attended 3 continuing education classes. They have been very informative and the hands-on experience has been greatly appreciated. I highly recommend taking CEU classes at ASM."

Paula Gay, NCTMB Georgia

"As an international instructor for sixteen years, teaching at school, colleges, and Universities, I always look forward to teaching at the Augusta School of Massage. The sheer professionalism and pleasantness of Leigh Ann as the director and all the faculty and staff make the three days of instruction a pleasant experience. The teaching environment is excellent, even the assistant provided, one of the instructors, was amongst the most knowledgeable and capable assistants I've had the pleasure to work with. The students in the Workshop, which always reflect the teaching quality of the school, were fast to pick up the concepts and techniques, which made my role as instructor an easy one. This combination rates the Augusta School of Massage as one of the top ranked schools in the nation and is to be highly recommended."

Stuart Taws, Developer and Instructor of Soft Tissue Release Training


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